The great words that their Shortcut  are not based on the phrase accompanied with the ” slogan” used by most of the companies, but on the advertising phrases, and the conferences’ statements, and the big events of the companies. The slogan is a simple short sentence used by companies as slogans for them in the promotion and advertising campaigns, as this sentence or this written slogan must be inherent to the product or the service provided by the companies. It is wrong to think that the slogan or the written slogan is an ordinary issue, on the contrary, it is a very serious issue, because, if the slogan is not successful or expressive, it will do a great damage to the company or the advertising campaign, so, the slogan must be characterized by being simple, and able to blend with the advertisement to be successful in delivering the advertising message or the aim of the advertisement, and it also has to be expressive of what the company wants to say, i.e. it can summarize the services it provides in this slogan in an attractive way. 


After innovating the slogan, and accrediting the design and colors, it is tested on a number of different advertising prints and designs of the company. 

Administrative identity : 

Having a distinct and innovative identity in competitive markets full of visual and written advertisements is one of the most important factors of promotion of the company. Complementing a strong and attractive slogan, the next stage comes to make all that is related to the brand consistent and harmonious with this slogan in terms of the colors, token, and creativity.


Type of the presented design widthlength 
Office designs 
Personal cards (sizes) 90 millimeters 50 millimeters 
Formal paper (correspondence) 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Receipt vouchers 148 millimeters 210 millimeters 
Payment vouchers 148 millimeters 210 millimeters 
Fixed bill 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Computer bill 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Book sign 30 millimeters 90 millimeters 
Type of the presented design widthlength 
Human resources models 
Job application model 210 millimeters 297 millimeters  
Formal contract model 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Job offer model 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Ending services model 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Requesting annual leave model  210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Requesting an advance model 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Starting work model 210 millimeters 297 millimeters 
Working on designing other models needed by the company 
The brochure and Flyer: 

Today, the companies  are in need for the element of trust in order to prove their existence, and gain permanent clients, in a world with much temptations of advertising and strength of attracting, and there is no solution to gain trust, but by designing a definition profile  about  the Previous experience of companies and all they  aspire, in a way allowing the connection with close relationship between all parties. We work in the agency of  Shortcut for promotion and advertising on designing a paper and visible profile  for companies which is able to provide a comprehensive overview of the company in terms of its beginning, objectives, vision, mission, values, strategy at work, previous works, and its partners in success in order to ensure  the absolute clarity to the customer. 

Type of design provided  The width and length
brochure design ( 4 pages of paper).  The measure has selected according the options of company 
single-sided or double-sided Flyer design. The measure has selected according the options of company